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Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej
ul. Warszawska 24
31-155 Kraków
e-mail: dwm@pk.edu.pl
Sekcja Programu Erasmus
e-mail: erasmus@pk.edu.pl

Numer telefonu:
+48 12 628 30 44
+48 12 628 20 09

Studia pełne
Studenci międzynarodowi
Politechnika Krakowska ma w swojej ofercie różne kierunki studiów I i II stopnia. Sześć wydziałów oferuje studia w języku angielskim
Studia częściowe
studenci międzynarodowi
Studia częściowe
Politechnika Krakowska dysponuje szeroką ofertą studiów częściowych w języku angielskim. Mogą z nich skorzystać studenci uczelni partnerskich. Kursy takie trwają jeden lub maksymalnie dwa semestry.
Studia częściowe
Studenci PK wyjeżdżający do zagranicznych uczelni partnerskich
Studenci wyjeżdżający
Studentów zainteresowanych wyjazdem na wymianę (poza Programem Erasmus +) zapraszamy do śledzenia aktualności na stronie. Umieszczamy tam informacje o aktualnie prowadzonych rekrutacjach.

Szkoły Letnie / Zimowe


Winter School 2022 “Soviet Heritage in Modern Russia” is scheduled to take place from 31 January until 13 February, 2022, in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Winter School 2022 offers intensive Russian language courses with professional teachers, lectures on “Soviet Heritage” and Russian studies, cultural events, workshops and meetings with experts and special guests, as well as sightseeing tours in Ekaterinburg presented in Soviet avant-garde architecture, visits to the Ural towns and villages, and Russian winter activities such as swimming in the hot springs of “Baden-Baden”.
By the end of the Winter School, participants will receive certificate of completion of the program and 4 ECTS.

Please refer to the Brochure for more details

International Summer Schools 2022 of Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU( .

Six summer programmes related to Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, BIM for HVAC and WSS, Bridges, and Transport Systems (all taught in English):
•    BIM for HVAC & WSS (June 19 – July 3, 2022);
•    Bridge Structures: Historical Overview, Reliability and Design (June 27 – July 10, 2022);
•    Transport System of the Russian Megapolis: Exploring Current State and Future Perspectives (July 4-15,2022);
•    ECOCAMP: Architecture of Eco-Tourism in Cold Climate Area (July 4-15, 2022);
•    Industrial and Civil Engineering in Russia: Unique Experience of Design and Construction in St Petersburg (July 18 – August 1, 2022);
•    Redevelopment of Industrial Zones in St Petersburg: Urban City Challenge (September 12-23, 2022).

We remain hopeful that the Covid-19 pandemic will abate soon, and we will be able to hold all our summer schools in a traditional way as in-person events.  However, if students are still unable to arrive due to travel restrictions, we are planning for a hybrid or fully online format using the experience accumulated from the past two virtual summer schools.

Visit our website to learn all the details and registration deadlines and check student testimonials from our summer schools 2021.

On-campus courses of either 2, 3 or 4 weeks in duration from 27th June to 2nd September 2022. Participants can choose from a range of courses across the fields of science, technology, engineering and business. All courses are ECTS accredited.
Click here to see the details of the program.

4-week stay from June 27th to July 22nd. The program includes world-class education combined with a variety of unique cultural activities, providing invaluable experiences to all HISS students

Program Summary
• Application period: January 1 - May 20, 2022
• Eligibility: Anyone enrolled in higher education institutions
• Language of Instruction: English
• Tuition: KRW 3,100,000
• Credits: Maximum of 9 credits
Students from CUT are eligible for a 40% discount (Partner Scholarship of KRW 1,200,000). For more detailed information regarding the program can be found in our brochure linked below.

  • Over 100 courses in 12 fields of study will be offered for students to choose up to 3 courses in maximum.
  • Lab Internship called Research Project, which offers students to gain experiences in the cutting-edge labs. Students may choose to participate in this research and get a chance to work in labs with HYU professors.
  • 6 different fun activities are ready for students to explore all corners of the Korean culture. Students may choose up to 3 activities during the exchange.

Hanyang Summer School Brochure

Information Session 21st January, 11 AM KST