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Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej
ul. Warszawska 24
31-155 Kraków
e-mail: dwm@pk.edu.pl
Sekcja Programu Erasmus
e-mail: erasmus@pk.edu.pl

Numer telefonu:
+48 12 628 30 44
+48 12 628 20 09

Studia pełne
Studenci międzynarodowi
Politechnika Krakowska ma w swojej ofercie różne kierunki studiów I i II stopnia. Sześć wydziałów oferuje studia w języku angielskim
Studia częściowe
studenci międzynarodowi
Studia częściowe
Politechnika Krakowska dysponuje szeroką ofertą studiów częściowych w języku angielskim. Mogą z nich skorzystać studenci uczelni partnerskich. Kursy takie trwają jeden lub maksymalnie dwa semestry.
Studia częściowe
Studenci PK wyjeżdżający do zagranicznych uczelni partnerskich
Studenci wyjeżdżający
Studentów zainteresowanych wyjazdem na wymianę (poza Programem Erasmus +) zapraszamy do śledzenia aktualności na stronie. Umieszczamy tam informacje o aktualnie prowadzonych rekrutacjach.

Szkoły Letnie / Zimowe


For students to develop new skills and promote professional growth in one of our 6 open enrollment courses. In every course, students will join a global network of peers and learn from the top CPS faculty members who are on the cutting edge of Brazilian business.

Running from Tuesday 26 July to Monday 01 August 2022, each course will explore the practical steps of profession that we can take to shape a better career:

Brazilian Agribusiness Sustainable Solutions
Developing Mobile Apps with Flutter (Google)
Innovative Ideas Generation
IoT: From data collection to data presentation
Sustainable Smart Cities and Circular Economy
Tourism and Events in the Interior of São Paulo

More details: https://arinter.cps.sp.gov.br/cps-short-term-program/

4-week stay from June 27th to July 22nd. The program includes world-class education combined with a variety of unique cultural activities, providing invaluable experiences to all HISS students

Program Summary
• Application period: January 1 - May 20, 2022
• Eligibility: Anyone enrolled in higher education institutions
• Language of Instruction: English
• Tuition: KRW 3,100,000
• Credits: Maximum of 9 credits
Students from CUT are eligible for a 40% discount (Partner Scholarship of KRW 1,200,000). For more detailed information regarding the program can be found in our brochure linked below.

  • Over 100 courses in 12 fields of study will be offered for students to choose up to 3 courses in maximum.
  • Lab Internship called Research Project, which offers students to gain experiences in the cutting-edge labs. Students may choose to participate in this research and get a chance to work in labs with HYU professors.
  • 6 different fun activities are ready for students to explore all corners of the Korean culture. Students may choose up to 3 activities during the exchange.

Hanyang Summer School Brochure

MetamorphoCity – Summer School 2022 at HFT Stuttgart - International Workshop of the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

The experimental and playful redesign, the metamorphosis of structural relics of changing and outdated forms of mobility is the focus of the Summer School 2022 at HFT Stuttgart. The vision is to be able to create a resilient living space for people.

Daily lectures by local and international experts provide impulses and suggestions for a creative design process.

Seven specific non-places in Stuttgart will become a field of experimentation. Through analysis, rethinking and playful, provisional redesigning, the participants will search for answers to these questions in mixed, small groups. They will use recyclable and upcyclable materials such as scaffolding, tents, wooden slats, furniture and paint.The results of the workshop will be made visible at the end in a central pavilion on the campus of HFT Stuttgart.

Period: 24 July – 06 August 2022
Costs: 300 euros for HFT students, 600 euros for students from our partner universities. Included are costs for lectures, excursions, material and two common meals.
Scholarships: Those who travel from abroad in a climate-friendly manner can receive financial support upon informal application. Further financial support is available upon request until 31 March 2022.
Benefits: 4 ECTS, participation certificate
Registration: until 15 April 2022
Project coordination and contact persons: Pia Klein and Christin Gegner email: summerschool@hft-stuttgart.de
Language: English

Please refer to the university website for more details.

Between 24th of July and 6th of August.
Social Activity Program:
Delightful Istanbul Summer School comes with a rich social activities program that enables students to discover nearly all attractions of the city while they continue their studies. Click here for full details.
Program fee is 750 USD. Fee includes; 50 hours of class tuition, course materials, bed and breakfast accommodation in a superior hostel for 14 nights, two weekend tours, program amenities and other surprises. For more information click here
Following courses are offered; for course descriptions and contents please click here

  • Digital Marketing    3 ECTS
  • Brand Management   3 ECTS
  • Exploration of Turkish Art via Museums  3 ECTS
  • Current Issues in International Politics   3 ECTS
  • Neuroscience  3 ECTS
  • Genetics and Medical Biotechnology  4 ECTS
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Making   3 ECTS
  • Digital Game & eSports Economics  3 ECTS
  • Food Technology – Cereal and Vegetable Oil Applications  3 ECTS

Scholarship scheme:

  1. We offer 1 full scholarship on the program fee to our partner institute (can be granted to a student or to a faculty member) for every 10 paid bookings we receive from your institution.
  2. We grant 50% scholarship on the program fee for every 5 paid bookings we receive from your institution. (you may nominate the 6th student to get this grant)

Email         : delightful@aydin.edu.tr
Website     : https://delightful.istanbul/

The KNU Online Summer School is from August 1 to 12 (2 weeks). It brings together students and academics for
a unique intercultural experience through lectures on global and Korean issues as well as the Korean language
and culture. All courses are taught either in English or Korean, and you will take courses with other participants
from all over the world.

This year, the NUS Summer Programmes will be conducted electronically (online), physically (on-site) or in a hybrid format with some courses being offered online while others are being offered on-site.

The following programmes are open to visiting students.

*participants must participate in both parts of the programme

For the latest information on the list of summer programmes offered by NUS faculties and schools, please visit  https://www.nus.edu.sg/gro/global-programmes/summer-and-winter-programmes/summer-programmes-at-nus

The latest information about border and health control measures is available on the website of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA; agency of the Singapore government that manages border control/entry).