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Politechnika Krakowska ma w swojej ofercie różne kierunki studiów I i II stopnia. Sześć wydziałów oferuje studia w języku angielskim
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studenci międzynarodowi
Studia częściowe
Politechnika Krakowska dysponuje szeroką ofertą studiów częściowych w języku angielskim. Mogą z nich skorzystać studenci uczelni partnerskich. Kursy takie trwają jeden lub maksymalnie dwa semestry.
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BA Architecture


First-cycle programme in Architecture

starts in October

Accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education

Department: Faculty of Architecture

Duration: 8 semesters

ECTS credits: 240

Tuition fee: EUR 2500/semester

Application fee: EUR 35

Intake: 1 May - 31 July

Program description:

The first degree (undergraduate) English-taught programme in Architecture comprises 8 semesters and follows the newest architectural education standards. It has  earned - as the only one in Poland -  two international accreditations: the Royal Institute of British Architects and the European Union Notification. Compact and student-friendly teaching blocks arrangement consists in: Integrated Design, Technical Knowledge Theory and Practice, Architectural and Urban Heritage Theory, Presentation Skills Practice, Architectural Profession Principles. The programme is conducted by the Faculty of Architecture at Cracow University of Technology as well as foreign visiting professors and experts from Europe, the USA and Canada. It is focused on quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning. This allows students to enjoy the place of study – the City of Cracow – a UNESCO listed city of heritage and always creative, rational, avant-garde, contemporary, operative, rational, innovative architecture – the best and complementary to study programme “teacher” of architectural and urban traditions and principles.

Admission requirements:

Apart from an online application and submission of required documents listed in the application procedure,  scans or photographs (PDF or JPG format) of the following documents/works of art need to be sent to International Relations Office to

  1. Cover letter (written in English, addressed to Dean of the Faculty of Architecture)
  2. Candidate’s statement confirming that all works comprising the portfolio have been prepared by the candidate in person.
  3. Portfolio consisting of the following elements:
  • 2 freehand drawings of nature in any technique, presenting a composition consisting of elementary solids (such as cube, cylinder, pyramid, cone, prism, cuboid, etc.) or derivatives of such solids - format B2
  • 1 freehand drawing or painting of nature in any technique, presenting any still life - format B2
  • 2 freehand drawings of nature, presenting any existing buildings or architectural structures - format B2
  • 1 freehand drawing of nature in any technique presenting a part of a city (e.g. avenue, street, square, passage, piazza) - format B2
  • 3 photographs devoted to architecture - any format
  • 3 works in any technique (including computer techniques, multimedia techniques, etc.) on any topic - any format
Detailed programme of studies


Learning outcomes according to Regulation of the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education from 18 July 2019

Programme coordinator: dr hab. inż. arch. Anna Franta, prof. PK, email: